Theatre Etiquette


The theatre is not like anywhere else. When the audience laughs at jokes or applauds a great performance, the actors, dancers and singers hear it and know all their hard work was worth it.


Unfortunately, the performers also hear other sounds - talking, ringing cell phones, crying children and the crinkling of candy wrappers. Did you know the actors can even see the light from your cell phone or BlackBerry when you write a text message? It's true.


All those distractions upset the actors' performance and also disturb other audience members. That's why we ask that you please follow a few simple ground rules:

Turn off all cell phones, BlackBerries and other devices and leave them off throughout the show.

Resist the urge to talk - remember, the actors can hear you.

If you're with young children who start to grow restless and noisy, take them out to the lobby.

If you have cough drops or other items that come in noisy wrappers, please open them before the show begins.

And if someone is bothering you, talk to one of our ushers - they're ready to help.


Also, just like movie theaters, we do not allow picture-taking or filming during the show and ask that you please keep your feet away from the seat in front of you.


So make yourself comfortable, have a great time and don't forget to help make magic happen -  applaud when you see something you like!